Mr. Natural™ Soil Products

As you may have discovered, adding organic matter to Georgia clay doesn’t address the problems of compaction and poor drainage.  If you work compost into clay, you will have a richer, lighter and somewhat better draining soil – but only for a brief time.  The next growing season, you will have the same clay brick you started with.  We have found that the only permanent way to transform clay soil is to use Mr. Natural’s PermaTill.  Mr. Natural’s Complete Landscape Mix and Woodland Soil Mix contain Permatill to give your the benefit of excellent drainage.


permabag11-224x300PermaTill is made from slate that has been super-heated so that it forms tiny air pockets.   The expanded slate particles are porous, low in absorbency and high in nutrient-holding capacity.  (Perfect for developing roots!) Because PermaTill does not decompose it provides a permanent compaction and drainage solution.

Hen Manure

HMC-bag11-237x300The soil of the Atlanta metropolitan area is also low in organic matter and, hence, in available nutrients and important microbial activity. Again, Mr. Natural to the rescue!  Hen Manure Compost is a great way to give growing plants the necessary nutrients not readily found in our native soil.  Mr. Natural uses only laying hen manure harvested from healthy hens raised on antibiotic-free and hormone-free feed.   It is comprised of fully composted hen manure and bark to safely fertilize without burning roots and tender starts.

Worm Castings

WRM-bag1-233x300We also offer the “Cadillac of soil amendments,” Mr. Natural’s Worm Castings.  Charles Darwin was a fan of earthworms and their products – he wrote a whole book on the subject!  Others have waxed poetic about the properties of worm castings; they are said to fix nitrogen and help plants repel diseases and pests.  More research is needed, but we do know that worm castings are a complete, all-purpose organic fertilizer that releases slowly for optimum uptake.  It can be added as a soil amendment for new plantings, spread as a surface feed for established plants, and applied as a top-dressing to potted plants.

When you purchase a plant at G*H, we generally ask about the soil conditions in your yard.  If it is unamended clay, we recommend you incorporate either Mr. Natural’s Complete Landscape Mix (CLM) or Woodland Soil Mix (WSM) into the backfill around your new plant.  

Complete Landscape Mix

CLM-bag11-235x300Mr. Natural Complete Landscape Mix (CLM) combines hen manure compost, worm castings, pine bark humus, coarse natural river sand (processed to eliminate weed seeds) and PermaTill.  CLM joins the benefits of slow-release organic fertilizers with excellent soil drainage.

Woodland Soil Mix

WSM-bag1-237x300Mr. Natural Woodland Soil Mix (WSM) is the preferred amendment for plants that favor acidic soil, like hydrangeas, blueberries, azaleas, gardenias, camellias, ferns, shade garden and most native plants.  WSM blends hen manure compost, worm castings, pine bark humus with PermaTill.  WSM joins the benefits of slow-release organic fertilizers with excellent soil drainage.

If we sound like proselytizers for Mr. Natural, it is because at G*H we use CLM and WSM in all our plant installations and top-dress our nursery plants with worm castings.  All the staff use Mr. Natural products in their own gardens.  So we’ve come by our zeal honestly!