Our Promise

At Garden*Hood, we sell only happy, healthy plants.  To do this we purchase top-quality plants from regional growers and then meticulously care for them.

Why regional suppliers?

IMG_2261Because our plants are grown here in the South, they have not been fertilized within an inch of their lives and then trucked across the country.  Also, regional suppliers grow their plants in soil mixes that mesh well with our heavy clay soil.

Once at Garden*Hood, how are plants kept healthy?

Thanks to our knowledgeable and conscientious staff, the plants in our nursery are cared for according to their individual needs.  Everything is hand-watered and kept in the appropriate light conditions.  Chemicals are used only as a last resort, and then sparingly.  Plants are neither arranged in crowded displays that destroy their foliage, nor placed on hot asphalt to bake, nor stored in such a way that they fall over and suffer injury repeatedly.

Because we provide our nursery stock with expert care, our plants are spared the stressors that lead to disease and infestation.  Plants are removed from the sales floor at the first sign that they may not be 100% healthy.

Our Guarantee (and why we don’t accept returns)

Our passion is plants.  And G*H’s living inventory is our top priority 100% of the time.  We do our utmost to ensure that all the plants sold at G*H are healthy and vigorous.  We are also careful to provide accurate information about the plants we entrust to you. That is our half of the contract; yours is to give the plants you’ve purchased the degree of care and appropriate growing conditions necessary for them to meet — and even surpass — your expectations.

Unlike the big-box home and garden stores, we do not automatically refund/replace a plant that has died in your care due to circumstances beyond our control.  High-volume, multi-national stores can absorb the cost of a no-questions-asked return policy.  G*H is a fundamentally different type of business. Excepting pottery and soil/soil amendments, all we sell are plants. At G*H, plants are not disposable commodities, pretty lures to draw you in so that we can sell you patio furniture or a fancy grill.

Plant problems resulting from bad weather, neglect, under- or over-watering, or unsuitable conditions are all part of the learning process for every gardener and remain the customer’s responsibility.  With that said, we want to know about customer experiences. Should a difficulty arise that originated at G*H, we will cheerfully replace plants or give store credit. We are also different from other stores in that if you have plant problems, we are there at the ready to provide troubleshooting and advice.

Above all Garden*Hood believes in your garden’s success

P1050001We do our very best to help you make informed choices about what to plant and how to care for your garden.  We have tailored our selection of plants and products to meet the challenges of gardening in Atlanta.  We offer plants appropriate to our zone, especially those that can thrive in our heat, humidity, winter lows, and clay soil.  Also, because most of us have quite a bit of shade in our yards, we offer a wide selection of plants adapted to shady conditions.

Superior Products

As Atlanta gardeners have learned, you cannot simply dig a hole, stick in your plant and expect it to flourish.  Metropolitan Atlanta’s soil is low in organic matter and available nutrients.  Moreover, our soil drains poorly, compacts easily and often lacks the aeration necessary for the development of a healthy root system.  To address these difficulties, we offer Mr. Natural™’s superior line of products.


IMG_4067There are gardeners and then there are gardeners.  Becoming a good gardener is a lifelong process.  At G*H we are committed helping you on your way by providing the most accurate information we can about the plants in our nursery.  This includes what we have learned about how specific plants perform in the Atlanta area.  We do this by employing qualified staff (a.k.a. hort-heads) who can help you pick the right plant for the right place and acquaint you with its specific requirements.  We also provide signage for all our plants so that you can gather information as you shop.


IMG_3110Garden*Hood aims to be a resource to our community of gardeners.   We hope that, in addition to shopping with us, you will also come to G*H to exchange information, find inspiration, socialize, geek-out over plants (oh, we’re there for you), indulge your creativity or just get your chicken fix.