Garden*Hood is an independent retail garden center located in Atlanta’s historic Grant Park neighborhood. Founded by plant people for plant people, Garden*Hood is a nursery where horticultural expertise, exceptional plants and a friendly, knowledgeable staff come together to foster community, inspire creativity and nurture the gardener in all of us.

Who We Are

G*H has a truly remarkable staff — and horticultural knowledge is just the beginning.  Everyone brings with them skills and attributes that enrich G*H.  The following biographies give just a hint of the talents, enthusiasm, and humor our staff apply to their work.

Kacey Cloues, Owner/General Manager

Kacey ClouesKacey was the store’s first employee when it opened in October 2009. In January 2016, Kacey and her best friend/business partner, Lukas Bradley, were thrilled to become majority owners of Garden*Hood.

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree from Carleton College in Minnesota, Kacey fled back to her native Zone 7b in Atlanta. She has happily combined her green heart and thumbs with years of administrative and retail management experience for a career in horticulture. Everyday she is amazed by her great fortune in getting to work with the following dynamic people.

Halley Beagle, Nursery Manager

Sam Nash, Nursery Assistant Manager/Events Coordinator

Alex Wilkinson, Nursery Receiving Manager

Megan Tippie, Nursery Sales

Kyle Booth, Nursery Sales

Addie Rich, Landscape Services Coordinator

Amy Rabb, Garden Designer

Patrick Strott, Garden Designer (and soon-to-be Certified Landscape Architect!)

Erica Doud, Landscape Services Hort Leader

Spencer Martin, Landscape Crew Manager

Jason Stripling, Landscape Crew/Irrigation Specialist

Darrick Evans, Landscape Crew

G*H Emeriti

We are fortunate in our staff and the feeling seems to be mutual.  While Garden*Hoodlums may move on to other ventures, they stay in our hearts and have been known to make cameo/seasonal appearances.

Scott McMahan – Founding Partner

Scott McMahan is an Atlanta native and one of the founding partners of Garden*Hood. Scott brought years of experience to Garden*Hood as a propagator of plants for a large wholesale grower and as a nursery manager for the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Thanks to Scott’s travels to Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, India and other exotic locales, Garden*Hood had access to a collection of specialty plants, which in some cases are available nowhere else.

In January 2016 Scott sold the majority share of Garden*Hood to general manager Kacey Cloues and her partner Lukas Bradley.  Scott remains a vital resource for G*H and returns several times a year to lecture and lead walk-and-talks.

Amy Foster, Sales Associate

Amy_Foster_Assistant_Store_ManagerAn outdoor-loving person, Amy has always had a natural affinity for plants, but she really got into gardening thanks her love of food.  After graduating from Kenyon College, she worked as a farm intern in California.  From there she became involved in Alice Waters’s farm-to-school movement.  Amy has been with G*H almost since the beginning, and we rely heavily on her knowledge of edible plants. Amy loves the community that has developed around G*H and has been instrumental in spreading a greater understanding of plants and the roles they can play in our lives.  She only makes cameo appearances at G*H these days, as she is in nursing school.  If Amy’s skill with plants is any indication, there are some very lucky humans out there who will be receiving excellent care.

Kate Bruce, Landscape Crew Leader

IMG_4304Kate started her life with plants gardening with her grandmother in Kalamazoo, MI. She took a brief turn away from things horticultural while she earned a degree in Accounting from Kennesaw State. After a couple of years of office life, Kate looked for an escape from the not-so-great indoors and took a job at Sauls Nurseries. Kate came to G*H thanks to her then-girlfriend, now-wife, Amy Foster, a distinguished G*H Emerita.  Kate is our Landscape Crew Leader and is known affectionately (and maybe a little reverently) as “Kate the Magnificent.”  I mean, no one wields a chainsaw or machete with greater authority. Her dream is to run a self-sustaining farm with Amy and their son Henry.

Butch Teal, Nursery Manager

P1040994Butch grew up working on his grandparents’ small farm in Acworth, Georgia. After graduating from Georgia State University, he managed an environmental laboratory for five years but gave it up to follow his life-long passion for horticulture. Butch has been with us for 5 years and is G*H’s nerve center: he keeps this place organized, efficient and full of interesting plants.  He is also our shade specialist (read: fanatic).  Butch’s favorite plants: Helleborous foetidus, Euphorbia robbiae, Rohdea japonica (non-variegated cultivars).  He loves the leaf rather than the petal, but will tolerate small white blossoms.

Jason Livingston, Sales Associate

IMG_3923Jason’s love of gardening developed from a dislike of maintaining turf grass.  The palatial grounds he tends in Cabbagetown rival those of Hogwarts.  This magical zone 9 is home to hundreds – dare say thousands – of plants ranging from the practical to the practically deadly. Don’t mistake that fan palm for a whomping willow!  In addition to his training in saving the lives of plants, Jason is also a licensed veterinary technician. This knowledge comes in handy since many people have furry hour-legged help tending their gardens.

Joel Maxwell, Sales Associate

Joel_Maxwell_PartTime_Sales_AssociateJoel has found gardening to be a happy distraction from renovating a dilapidated old house in Cabbagetown. He completed the Georgia Master Gardener program, and soon the yard was looking way better than the house.  Joel packs a one-two punch of exceptional plant knowledge and irresistible personality. I mean, seriously, could you say no to this face?

Christina Conner, Sales Associate

IMG_3930An Atlanta native, Christina caught the gardening bug at home.  She and her step-dad are responsible for the family vegetable patch and perennial beds, while Christina’s mom has an impressive indoor jungle.  In fact, she has a ficus that is at least 20 years old!  Christina was drawn to G*H’s unique plants and independence from corporate garden centers.  Her favorite plants are tropical ferns: Cyathea cooperi (Australian tree fern),  Davallia fejeensis (rabbit’s foot fern), and Asplenium nidus (bird’s nest fern).  We’re especially proud of Christina because she started at UGA this winter and is minoring in Horticulture.