Chickens 102

Raising Urban Chickens:  The Next Level (Intermediate Class)
Saturday, July 16 — 10:30-11:30am

So you’ve got your coop set up, your flock moved in, and you’ve gotten comfortable with the basics of keeping chickens.  What’s next?  In this intermediate class – designed for folks already familiar with the basics – CityChick’s Heath Ward delves into some of the deeper nuances of chicken health, happiness, and well-being.

Cost of the class is $15.  Sign up and purchase tickets using the form below, or call Garden*Hood at 404-880-9848.


Topics covered:

  • What in the world is BUMBLEFOOT? (And other potential health issues)
  • How to know if your hens are getting enough protein/balanced nutrients
  • Keeping chickens healthy through a long GA summer
  • Identifying signs of disease, pests, and other challenges
  • Q/A session

Instructor:  Heath Ward of CityChick will lead the class.  CityChick is a relatively new local company that supplies everything for the backyard chicken farmer — including chickens!  Heath has been working with Garden*Hood for over a year now, helping us keep our flock in top shape and providing education workshops on raising chickens in the city.

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