Garden Design Services

Garden*Hood provides complete landscape design services, from initial consultation to installation to on-going maintenance, should you so desire.  Perhaps you would like help developing a plan for your garden, but you’d like to do the work yourself.  If you have a vision for your yard, or need help formulating one, you have come to the right place.

90-Minute On-Site Consultation

Cost: $185*  ($30 for each additional half hour) *A fuel surcharge may be added for locations further than 10 miles away.

We will meet with you in your garden to assess the current conditions, listen to your concerns and needs, discuss what’s working and what isn’t in the existing landscape, and brainstorm ways to address problem spots, add personality, and create a garden you’ll love. We will jot down notes (you are welcome to take your own as well) and will leave you with a plant palette check list for sunny and shady locations that you may follow up on as time and budget allow.

Topics you may wish to discuss:

  • specimen plants and significant trees
  • seasonal color
  • creating garden rooms
  • entries, paths and bed lines
  • stonework and other hardscaping (steps, retaining walls, etc.)
  • irrigation
  • soil preparation
  • mulch options

The 90-minute consultation is intended to be the first step in the garden design process. For some people, this step is all that’s needed – a creative brainstorming session with a professional designer to get started in the right direction. If this is you, expect to pay $185 and receive lots of verbal suggestions about ways to improve your garden. If you’d like to pursue further services from us – an in-depth list of plant recommendations, planting plans, professional installation, etc. – proceed to the next section.

Concept Drawings

Cost: Determined on site, depending on size and scope of project.

We will take measurements and photos of the site and then hand-render multiple concept drawings. These are scanned and e-mailed to you in pdf format. We will set up follow-up meetings to discuss how you would like the project to proceed. You may elect to do it in phases (we can advise you on the best order in which to undertake the work) or all at once. You may do the work yourself or have it professionally installed by Garden*Hood.

 Professional Installation Services

Cost: Determined on site, depending on size and scope of project. Labor is $50 an hour per crew member.

Estimates are provided for professional installation based on size of project, materials, deliveries, labor by professional and insured crews, and hourly oversight by designer or Garden*Hood management.

Garden Maintenance

Cost: Determined on site, depending on size and scope of project.

Estimates can be provided for monthly or seasonal (quarterly) garden maintenance services by Garden*Hood’s professional, insured crew.  Maintenance services you may want to consider include:  pruning, fertilizing, mulching, assessing and treating for pests/diseases, root-pruning permanent container plants, and blowing leaves in the fall.  Please note that Garden*Hood does not offer turf grass mowing/maintenance at this time.  We can personalize a maintenance schedule for your garden that fits your budget and needs and keeps your landscape enjoyable year round.

Request for Garden Design Services*

If you are interested in any or all of the services described above, please fill out the following form.  In the comments field, you can describe your needs in more detail.


Due to the high volume of consultation requests currently coming in there is a waiting list of 4-6 weeks to get on our calendar for a design consultation.  If you don’t mind this waiting period we’d be happy to at least start the conversation and get your contact information in our files so we can follow up  with you when the spring rush has subsided. 

Please know that if you don’t hear back from us immediately it’s because we’re swamped not because we don’t love you!

We appreciate your support!



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