Gift Ideas

Looking for something you can wrap and put under the tree?  Plants don’t generally do so well shut up in boxes; nevertheless, G*H has plenty to offer in the way of gifts for the gardener or garden-loving person in your life.  You can find everything from hostess gifts to a pair of rather substantial urns.

Green Man

Green ManThe Green Man is a kind of cultural constant in that many ancient peoples had some version of him.  He (apparently he’s nearly invariably a “he”) is a man made of leaves, sometimes sprouting vines or fruits. The Green Man is nature incarnate, representing fertility, the cycle of growth and rebirth.  Start your Green Man collection with this one from Flat Earth Designs (7″ w x 12″ h): $24

Sheep’s Head

Sheep's HeadI’ve always admired (read: coveted) Henry Moore’s sheep etchings, but they are far beyond my reach.  So when I saw this beautifully rendered sheep’s head, I had to have it for the store (read: myself).  Flat Earth Designs (14″ w x 12″ h): $100

 Fish Lady

The late Christine Sibley is responsible for this whimsical Fish Lady, and Carlos Montaño for this beautiful reproduction.  Makes a very nice planter.  $50

Fish Ladies

Romanesque Cauliflower

Romanesque CauliflowerWere you unable to plant a winter vegetable garden this year? Well, you need not miss out entirely.  Enjoy this cement Romanesque cauliflower year round!  Truly one of nature’s wonders: looks like a fractal or maybe a sea creature.  Flat Earth Designs (6″ w x 5″ h): $20

G*H Gift Certificate

Gift CertificateIn some ways a G*H Gift Certificate is even better than a buying a plant as a present.  You have no worries about sun, shade and size requirements.  You can also call the store, pay over the phone and for a $1 fee we will mail the gift certificate for you.  Easy giving.

Angel of the House

Angel Head PlanterNormally I am not that keen on angels, but this one has such a sweet expression.  And it’s a planter!  Flat Earth Designs (6″ w x 7″ h): $32

Garden*Hood T-Shirt

T-ShirtsDig it!  You can sport your very own G*H T-Shirt.  Available in an attractive and practical grey.  100% cotton, of course.  $15

Sacred Heart

Sacred HeartSuch a beautiful emblem of love and compassion.  Available with a hook for hanging or a stake for pressing into the soil of a potted plant.  Flat Earth Designs (3″ w x 6″ h): $20

Nantucket Basket

Nantucket Basket

Form and function combine in this hanging basket from Flat Earth Designs.  The mold was made from a real Nantucket basket.  Hang and fill with lovely/needful things. Flat Earth Designs (8″ w x 6.5″ h): $28

Potted Succulents

Potted Succulents DSC_0162

We’ve planted some of our favorite succulents in Carlos Montaño pot-n-saucers.  Perfect size for a sunny windowsill.  $20

Small Cottage

Your very own Irish cottage in miniature.  Pop in an electric tealight and surround with greens — and voilà! You have an adorable centerpiece.  Flat Earth Designs (5″ w  x  4.5″ h):  $20.