Garden*Hood At Capacity for Fall Planting Season

There is Paris in the Springtime, yes.  But have you seen Garden*Hood in the fall? 

Maple deliveryThis weekend the store will be at its pinnacle of autumnal perfection.  We are absolutely stuffed with plants — especially trees and shrubs — for the fall planting season.  As you may know, fall is generally the best time to plant trees here in the South.  For this reason, we’ve brought in all kinds of fruit trees: pears, nectarines, apples, persimmons, figs, peaches, and plums.  And on those lines, we have stocked up on fruiting shrubs and vines: blueberries, blackberries, muscadines and even self-fertile hardy kiwi.

Feast Your Eyes and Feed the Bees

But fall isn’t just about edibles.  The store is bursting with lovely perennials and ornamental shrubs. For many of us, our gardens are looking a little tired this time of year, and some fresh foliage is most welcome. I have had a tremendously good time putting together G*H’s displays — so many interesting leafy colors and textures from which to choose!

Also, we have a number of late-blooming perennials perfect for pollinators looking for forage as the growing season comes to a close.

Fight the Winter Blues with Evergreens

Chamaecyparis thoides 'Red Star'

Chamaecyparis thoides ‘Red Star’

If you are dreading the barrenness of a leafless winter garden, you might consider adding an evergreen conifer or two (or three or four . . . ) to the mix.  We have some exceptionally lovely offerings at the moment.

Perhaps when you think “conifer,” you think of a tree that starts out sweet and manageable but then ends up as monster of uncontrolled growth that will dwarf your house and cast the rest of your garden into gloom.  This is not necessarily so!  We have many, many conifers that stay quite small (even 2 feet around), and others that make lovely specimen trees of 15 to 20 feet tall.

Instant Gratification

Lastly, we just received a load of long-awaited Japanese maples.  Some really big specimens!  If you are an impatient gardener like I am, you’ll be excited by the chance to add the grace of a mature maple to your garden.  All you have to do is dig a really big whole, and voila, instant beauty! ~ Hilary


Instant forest! Reed amid the trees after unloading a haul Japanese maples.